Social contribution

Used Running Shoes

We are donating used shoes from Japan with list of name who participated in this activity at running event in Cambodia.
  Or delivery to sport federation.

  • Executed from May 18,2014 and a few more times.

Value in Kind

As marathon event organizer, we have lot of bottle of water sometimes. We donated bottle of water to people suffering after disaster.


February 25, 2020 Donated snack for 30 person to group home for children.

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April 14, 2020 Donated 1,000 pcs of disposable mask for hospital for general purpose against COVID-19.

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April 22, 2016 Donated 200 bottle of water for people suffering caused by Kumamoto Earthquake.

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Pro bono

We provide professional skills 30 minutes*5 times a week by online consultation.

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For donation requests

We are always looking for ways to contribute to society. We basically value being appreciated and seeing smiles in person. However, we know that sometimes it's better to ask a professional who can donate better than we can.We believe it is very important to find out if what we can do, in terms of content, scope and time, is what they want or if it will make a difference.

The difficulty is, as small company, we are those who want to solve problems "easily" and "in a short period of time" by taking advantage of the high level of skills, experience and connections that we have built up over decades, and those who want to "commit long hours of time as a mere human resource" or who want to "emphasize the difficulty of a small project, given our expertise and that of our staff. In the first place, there is a big difference in the perception and values of the request between a non-profit organization or a donation broker who "demands a staffing level like an international event by making a request" and a person who "demands a staffing level like an international event".

In such cases, I have started to use the "Genki Point", which you can get for free by exercising, and I have started to work on activities that do not involve refusing or accepting the request outright, but rather, using the "Genki Point" that you can get for free by exercising, as in "We can deal with this matter with XX Genki Points.
I'm looking for ways to do this.